Weird Medical Techniques That Can Improve Your Health


Medical Techniques That Can Improve Your Health

Human body is mysterious and sometimes pretty strange system. We all are facing health problems all the time.

And some tricks to control your body are really surprising:

Here are some of them:


  1. Sore Throat

In case of sore throat just try to scratch your ears instead of drinking hot tea or rinsing with salt water. Otolaryngologists claim that itching ears stimulates ear shell’s nerve ending by creating a spasm in the muscles of the throat.

        2. To calm the nerves

If you feel like your “nerves are approaching the end” to calm down only you need to rinse with cold water. It will make you for a short time to hold your breath and will “cool” nerve receptors. Drinking cold water has the same effect.



  1. Fear of injections

Some people simply find it difficult when they have to get an injection. Try coughing intensely few times before you get a shot. It will distract you for a moment from the painful procedure.

  1. Stuffy nose

With your tongue squeeze the hard palate and with fingers press the part above your eyebrows. After 20 seconds you will feel much better.

  1. Prevention of scars from burns

If you get burned, simply press the burnt place with your fingers instead of putting a bag of ice on it. As a result the temperature of that part of the body will return to normal naturally.

  1. Toothache

This trick is useful for those who have sensitive teeth. Put a bag of ice on your hands, and then move it between thumb and forefinger. There are the nerve endings that also are passing across the face, so will send a signal to calm the pain.

  1. Anxiety

Are you feeling nervous and you have slightly heartbeat? It sounds weird, but will calm you down and return to normal – you should blow into your own thumb. The thumb is responsible for so-called “vagus” nerve which is literally a link between our body and mind.



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