IMPORTANT: CNN – Do Not Eat These Foods as They Can Make Worms in Your Body


Foods That Can Make Worms in Your Body

They are kind of worms that can get into your body trough food. The scary thing is that they can get to your brain and cause serious problems. To avoid this kind of situation, the best thing we can do is avoid the foods through which the worms can get into our body.

Dr. Effrossyni Gkrania-Klotsas was examining a man with a tapeworm inside his head. And it was something no one has seen before.

He was suffering from seveare headaches, and seizures caused by the worm trapped inside his brain. Actually, he had an infection called sparganosis. a parasitic infection which is caused by tapeworm larvae plerocercoid diphyllobothroid. The infection couldn’t be trated with drugs, So he needed to resovle this problem with surgery.
There are three known types of worms that can infect the brain. One of them is by eating under cooked pork meat.
The other known way is direct contact with an animal that is infected. This infection is common in Asia, Africa and Latin America, but because of the global distribution of pork people all around the world can be infected.
Some types of drugs can cure this infection, but surgery is more reccomended. The most important thing is to raise awareness for this situation because everyone can be victim of that kind of in infection.



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